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Class Jyplot

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    public class Jyplotextends JyplotVanillaimplements Serializable
    This is a wrapper for the jfreechart library that provides Matlab (actually matplotlib/pylab) syntax. It is designed to be used via Jython, but also simplifies creating charts in Java also.

    Basic usage (in Jython):

     j = Jylab() j.plot([1,2,3,2]) j.title("Some random plot") j.savefig(file='/tmp/someplot.png', 300, 200) 

    Jylab can create png,jpg,eps,svg, and pdf images directly. All except png and jpg require third party libraries.

    Technical overview:

    Each time a plot type command is called, a new dataset is created. There are rarely multiple series in a single dataset. A renderer is associated with each dataset, thus individual plots can be easily customised.

    Currently all plots use an XYPlot and compatible datasets (XYDataset). Category plots are currently not used, but might be in the future, if needed.

    See Also:
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