Documentation API of the 'joptima.ChiSquaredFitter' Java class

Class ChiSquaredFitter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Function, Minimizable

    public class ChiSquaredFitterextends Fitter

    χ² fitter. This class can be passed to a Minimizer to minimize χ² of a sum of one or more functions fit to the given data set. Error bars may be provided for the data points if the data has compounded errors that are Gaussian. sqrt(y) errors are assumed otherwise. For different likelihood functions you can extend the calculate() method on this class.

    A typical usage of this class would go as follows:

       // The data points.   double[] x = new double[]{  1,   2,   3,    4,  5};   double[] y = new double[]{1.1, 4.0, 8.7, 15.4, 26};   // The Function to fit to the data points.   Function f = new Quadratic();   ChiSquaredFitter fitter = new ChiSquaredFitter();   fitter.setData(x, y);   fitter.addFunction(f);   Minimizer.minimize(fitter);   // At this point, if the fit converged, the Function f will have   // its Parameters set to the optimal values. 

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