Documentation API of the 'jhpro.stat.limit.StatConfidence' Java class

Class StatConfidence

  • public class StatConfidenceextends Object
    This is a class to give confidence intervals on various measurements calculated from the number of events observed, the acceptance factor, the background estimate and the associated errors. Results from different experiments (or different channels from the same experiment) can be combined. A complete description is given Computer Physics Communications 149 (2002) 97\xe2\x80\x93102 by Roger Barlow.

    After initializing this class, add data (addData()). Then run "run()" method. You can get probabilities using getProbabilyty method.

    The user can iterate towards whatever limit type they choose, e.g., for a 90% upper limit they adjust the limit guess until the probability is shown as 0.10; for a 90% lower limit they would aim for 0.90.

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