Documentation API of the 'jhpro.stat.MomentsFacNorm' Java class

Class MomentsFacNorm

  • public class MomentsFacNormextends Object
    Calculations of normalized factorial moments of a distribution. The normalised factorial moments are calculated as up to an orbitrary order n, where n is the oder of the moment. The factorial moments are defined as
    F_1=1 (1st order),
    F_2=/^2 (second order),
    F_2=/N^3 (3rd order)
    and so on. The general form is F_q= /^q, where N^[q]=N*(N-1)*..(N-q+1). The code works only for integer random variables. Statistical errors are also evaluated. If they are set to 0, this means that there is no enough events for their calculation.

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