Class MomentsFacNorm

  • public class MomentsFacNormextends Object
    Calculations of normalized factorial moments of a distribution. The normalised factorial moments are calculated as up to an orbitrary order n, where n is the oder of the moment. The factorial moments are defined as
    F_1=1 (1st order),
    F_2=/^2 (second order),
    F_2=/N^3 (3rd order)
    and so on. The general form is F_q= /^q, where N^[q]=N*(N-1)*..(N-q+1). The code works only for integer random variables. Statistical errors are also evaluated. If they are set to 0, this means that there is no enough events for their calculation.
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor and Description
      MomentsFacNorm(int order)
      Initialization of the normalised factorial moments.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MomentsFacNorm

        public MomentsFacNorm(int order)
        Initialization of the normalised factorial moments.
        order - Max oder of the normalised factorial moment
    • Method Detail

      • process

        public void process(int n)
        Process current event for an integer random variable
        n - input variable for the moment calculations
      • getValues

        public double[] getValues()
        Get values of the normalised factorial moments (NFM).
        aeeay with values of the NFM.
      • getErrors

        public double[] getErrors()
        Get errors on the factorial moment calculations. Call first getValues() to process the errors correctly. If the call returns 0, this means there is no enough evens for the calculation.
        array with statistical errors
      • getResults

        public P1D getResults()
        Get results in form of P1D.
        p1d with values and errors
      • doc

        public void doc()
        Show online documentation.

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