Documentation API of the 'jhpro.stat.CLimits' Java class

Class CLimits

  • public class CLimitsextends Object
    Algorithm to compute 95% CL limits using the Likelihood ratio semi-Bayesian method. It takes signal, background and data histograms wrapped in a DataSource as input and runs a set of Monte Carlo experiments in order to compute the limits.

    When excluding new physics models, 95% CL exclusion is usually the criterion chosen, and one only has to compute CLs with enough precision to tell that an observed outcome is less probable than about 5% of the time assuming a signal is present. But forming discovery p-values, we must compute 1-CLb values of the order of 1 10^{-7}. This computation involves generating of the order of 1 10^{8} pseudoexperiments, just to be on the safe side. If needed, inputs are fluctuated according to systematics.

    Reference: HEP-EX/9902006. see: Tom Junk,NIM A434, p. 435-443, 1999 see

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