Class LineUtil

  • public class LineUtilextends Object
    Class LineUtil is a collection of utilities related to lines.
    • Method Detail

      • bisector

        public static Line2D bisector(Line2D segment)
        Return the bisector (french: m\xc3\xa9diatrice) of the provided segment
        segment - the provided segment
        (a segment on) the bisector
      • intersection

        public static Point2D.Double intersection(Point2D p1,                          Point2D p2,                          Point2D p3,                          Point2D p4)
        Return the intersection point between infinite line A defined by points p1 & p2 and infinite line B defined by points p3 & p4.
        p1 - first point of line A
        p2 - second point of line A
        p3 - first point of line B
        p4 - second point of line B
        the intersection point

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