Documentation API of the 'jhplot.stat.BunchingParameters' Java class

Class BunchingParameters

  • public class BunchingParametersextends Object
    Calculations of bunching parameters. They haracterize local multiplicity fluctuations inside a phase space. Calculations are done up to BP(6) order For a Poisson distribution it should be 1 for all divisions Here are relevant papers:

    1) LOCAL MULTIPLICITY FLUCTUATIONS IN HADRONIC Z DECAY. L3 Collaboration (M. Acciarri et al.). CERN-PPE-97-165, Dec 1997. 18pp. Phys.Lett.B429:375-386,1998

    Other papers:
    1) Bunching Parameter and Intermittency in High-Energy Collisions by S.V.Chekanov and V.I.Kuvshinov Acta Phys. Pol. B25 (1994) p.1189-1197

    2) Multifractal Multiplicity Distribution in Bunching-Parameter Analysis by S.V.Chekanov and V.I.Kuvshinov J. Phys G22 (1996), p.601-610

    3) Generalized Bunching Parameters and Multiplicity Fluctuations in Restricted Phase-Space Bins by S.V.Chekanov, W.Kittel and V.I.Kuvshinov Z. Phys. C74 (1997) p.517-529, hep-ph/9606335

    4) Scale-Invariant Dynamical Fluctuations in Jet Physics by S.V.Chekanov Eur. Phys. J. C6 (1999), 331-342, hep-ph/9804316

    5) Suppression of multi-gluon fluctuations in jets at a Linear Collider by S. V. Chekanov Phys.Lett. B509 (2001) 74-80, hep-ph/0101233

    • Constructor Detail

      • BunchingParameters

        public BunchingParameters(int NmaxOrder,                          int Bins,                          int step,                          double Min,                          double Max)
        Initialize Bunching parameter.
        NmaxOrder - Max order of the bunching parameter (starting from 2)!
        Bins - Defines Max number of bins used to divide the phase space (>1). The actual number of divisions is step*Bins. Therefore, 10 bins with step=4 means 400 divisions between Min and Max
        step - used to increase step for divisions
        Min - Min value in X
        Max - Max value in X
    • Method Detail

      • run

        public void run(double[] v)
        Collect information about sampling. Put this method in a loop and pass vector with particle characteristics.
        v - - vector characterizing particles (like momentum, speed etc)
      • eval

        public boolean eval()
        Evaluate bunching parameters at the end of the run
        true if success
      • getBP

        public P1D getBP(int order)
        Return results: BP as a function of number of bins. The order should be >1 but smaller than 8
        order - order of bunching parameter
        bunching parameters
      • doc

        public void doc()
        Show online documentation.

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