Documentation API of the 'jhplot.math.num.pdf.TDistribution' Java class

Class TDistribution

    • Constructor Detail

      • TDistribution

        public TDistribution()
        Default constructor. Degrees of freedom is set to 1.
      • TDistribution

        public TDistribution(double df)
        Create a distribution with the given degrees of freedom.
        df - the degrees of freedom.
    • Method Detail

      • cumulativeProbability

        public double cumulativeProbability(double x)                             throws NumericException
        The CDF for this distribution. This method returns P(X < x).
        Specified by:
        cumulativeProbability in class ContinuousDistribution
        x - the value at which the CDF is evaluated.
        CDF for this distribution.
        NumericException - if the cumulative probability can not be computed.
      • getDegreesOfFreedom

        public double getDegreesOfFreedom()
        Access the degrees of freedom.
        the degrees of freedom.
      • setDegreesOfFreedom

        public void setDegreesOfFreedom(double df)
        Modify the degrees of freedom.
        df - the new degrees of freedom value.

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