Documentation API of the 'jhplot.math.num.IterativeMethod' Java class

Class IterativeMethod

    • Method Detail

      • getMaximumIterations

        public int getMaximumIterations()
        Access the maximum number of iterations.
        the maximum number of iterations.
      • getMaximumRelativeError

        public double getMaximumRelativeError()
        Access the maximum relative error.
        the maximum relative error.
      • iterate

        public void iterate(IterativeMethod.IterativeState state)             throws NumericException
        Perform the iterative evaluation. state is used to manage state between iterations.
        state - the state for this iterative method evaluation.
        NumericException - if a solution to the iterative method can not be computed.
      • setMaximumIterations

        public void setMaximumIterations(int iterations)
        Modify the maximum number of iterations.
        iterations - the new maximum number of iterations value.
      • setMaximumRelativeError

        public void setMaximumRelativeError(double error)
        Modify the maximum relative error.
        error - the new maximum relative error.

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