Documentation API of the 'jhplot.jadraw.JaSLoop' Java class

Class JaSLoop

    • Constructor Detail

      • JaSLoop

        public JaSLoop()
        Constructor: just calls super().
    • Method Detail

      • copy

        public final JaObject copy()
        Returns an exact copy of this JaSLoop.
        Specified by:
        copy in class JaObject
        A copy of this JaSLoop.
      • isCopy

        public final boolean isCopy(JaObject comp)
        Returns true if all serializable variables of this JaLoopObject and those of the specified one are equal.
        isCopy in class JaLoopObject
        comp - A JaLoopObject to compare with.
        True if the objects are equal, false otherwise.
      • jaxoDraw

        public final void jaxoDraw(org.freehep.graphics2d.VectorGraphics g2,                           boolean drawToScreen)
        The method that draws this JaSLoop.
        Specified by:
        jaxoDraw in class JaObject
        g2 - The graphics context where the JaSLoop has to be drawn.
        drawToScreen - A boolean variable that indicates whether the drawing is done on the screen or somewhere else. This is used for exporting/printing, where the object handles should not be painted, even if they are visible on the screen.
      • latexCommand

        public final String latexCommand(float scale,                                 Dimension canvasDim)
        The LaTeX command that is necessary to draw this JaSLoop using the axodraw.sty package.
        Specified by:
        latexCommand in class JaObject
        scale - A scale factor to translate Java coordinates to LaTeX coordinates.
        canvasDim - The current dimension of the canvas.
        The corresponding axodraw LaTeX command.

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