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Class BrowserPFile

    • Constructor Detail

      • BrowserPFile

        public BrowserPFile()
      • BrowserPFile

        public BrowserPFile(GHFrame hPlot3D,                    PFile hfile,                    boolean ishow)
        Show the BrowserHFile
        hPlot3D -
        hfile -
        ishow -
    • Method Detail

      • setFile

        public void setFile(GHFrame frame,                    PFile hfile,                    boolean ishow)
        Open HFile file in a pop-up window to browser it and check all objects
        frame - Canvas for plotting
        hfile - input HFile with serialized data
        ishow - true if frame should be show.
      • getMap

        public Map<String,Object> getMap()
        Return a map with all objects

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Class BrowserPFile

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