Class BrowserDataGeneric

    • Field Detail

      • closeButton

        public JButton closeButton
    • Constructor Detail

      • BrowserDataGeneric

        public BrowserDataGeneric()
        Default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • setDataFileBrowser

        public void setDataFileBrowser(japlot.jaxodraw.JaxoMainPanel jaframe,                      Map<String,Object> map,                      boolean ishow)
        Call this for HPlotJa canvas.
        gframe -
        map -
        ishow -
      • setDataFileBrowser

        public void setDataFileBrowser(GHFrame gframe,                      Map<String,Object> map,                      boolean ishow)
        Open a dialog to display a map of objects for HPlot and HPlot3D.
        frame -
        map -
        ishow -
      • showIt

        public void showIt(boolean show)
        Show the browser on the left of Canvas.

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