Documentation API of the 'jhplot.bsom.Matrix' Java class

Class Matrix

  • Direct Known Subclasses:

    public class Matrixextends Object
    Matrix is a class for matrix objects with basic linear calculation methods.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Matrix

        public Matrix(int n)
        Construct a square matrix object.
        n - size
      • Matrix

        public Matrix(int row,              int col)
        Construct a rectangle matrix object.
        row - number of row
        col - number of column
    • Method Detail

      • identity

        public static Matrix identity(int n)
        Make an identity matrix.
        n - size
      • random

        public static Matrix random(int row,                            int col,                            int seed)
        Make a standard Gaussian random Matrix.
        row - number of row
        col - number of column
        seed - random seed
      • random

        public static Matrix random(int row,                            int col)
        Same as random(row, col, 1).
      • copy

        public Matrix copy()
        Copy the matrix.
      • transpose

        public Matrix transpose()
        Transpose: X'.
      • linearConv

        public Matrix linearConv(double a,                         double b,                         Matrix Y)
        Linear conversion: a*X + b*Y.
      • updateLinearConv

        public void updateLinearConv(double a,                             double b,                             Matrix Y)
        Update by Linear conversion: X = a*X + b*Y.
      • multipliedBy

        public Matrix multipliedBy(double a)
        Scalar product: aX.
      • multipliedBy

        public Matrix multipliedBy(Matrix Y)
        Matrix multiplication: X*Y.
      • dividedBy

        public Matrix dividedBy(Matrix Y)
        Matrix division: X\Y.
      • dividedBy

        public Matrix dividedBy(Matrix Y,                        int bw)
        Matrix division with bandwidth: X\Y.
      • crossSqDistance

        public Matrix crossSqDistance(Matrix Y)
        Cross squared Euclidean distance Matrix: Z_{ij} = ||X_i - Y_j||^2
      • updateExp

        public void updateExp()
        Update by exponential : exp(X_{ij})
      • horizontalSum

        public Matrix horizontalSum()
        Make a horizontal-summation vector.
      • verticalSum

        public Matrix verticalSum()
        Make a vertical-summation vector.
      • sumEntries

        public double sumEntries()
        Summation of all entries.
      • sumSqrEntries

        public double sumSqrEntries()
        Summation of squared entries.
      • mulipliedEntriesWith

        public Matrix mulipliedEntriesWith(Matrix Y)
        Multiply entries.
      • updateDivideByRowVector

        public void updateDivideByRowVector(Matrix vec)
        X_{ij} = X_{ij}/v_{j}.
      • diagonal

        public Matrix diagonal()
        If the matrix is a row or column vector, make a diagonal matrix from it. Otherwise extract its diagonal as a row vector.
      • eigenvalues

        public Matrix eigenvalues(double eps,                          int lmax)
        Make a row vector including the eigenvalues of the matrix.
        eps - allowable absolute value of off-diagonal entries

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