Documentation API of the 'jhplot.HPlotRT' Java class

Class HPlotRT

  • public class HPlotRTextends Object
    Plot canvas for real-time charts. The "RT" in the name means "real-time". It is designed for displaying multiple traces consisting of trace points. Traces can be changed at real-time. Only one canvas area is possible.
    • Constructor Detail

      • HPlotRT

        public HPlotRT(String title,               int xsize,               int ysize)
        Create the real-tyme dynamic canvas.
        title - Title
        xsize - size in x direction
        ysize - size in y direction
      • HPlotRT

        public HPlotRT(String title)
        Construct a real-tyme plot with the default parameters 600 by 400, and 10% space for the global title
        title - Title
      • HPlotRT

        public HPlotRT()
        Construct a real-time canvas with a plot with the default parameters 600 by 400, and 10% space for the global title "Default"
    • Method Detail

      • getAxisX

        public IAxis<?> getAxisX()
        Return X-axis
      • getAxisY

        public IAxis<?> getAxisY()
        Return Y-axis
      • add

        public void add(ITrace2D trace)
        Add dynamic trace with data for showing in the canvas.
        trace - data to be added
      • getChart

        public Chart2D getChart()
        Returns the current chart.
        returns the current chart.
      • doc

        public void doc()
        Show online documentation.
      • close

        public void close()
      • quit

        public void quit()
        Quit the canvas (and dispose all components) Note: a memory leak is found - no time to study it. set to null all the stuff

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