Documentation API of the 'jhplot.HCellular' Java class

Class HCellular

  • public class HCellularextends Object
    A two-dimensional cellular automata toolkit.
    • Constructor Detail

      • HCellular

        public HCellular()
        Build a Cellular automata.
    • Method Detail

      • getRules

        public ArrayList<String> getRules()
        Get all available rules
        rule list
      • getRule

        public String getRule()
        Get current rule.
      • visible

        public void visible()
        Set visible frame
      • setInitString

        public void setInitString(String RuleString)
        Set initialization string for the rule
        RuleString - initialization string
      • getInitString

        public String getInitString()
        Return initialization string
      • doc

        public void doc()
        Show documentation
      • setInitFile

        public void setInitFile(String RuleFile)
        Set initialization file
        RuleFile - input file for initialization
      • setRule

        public boolean setRule(String rule)
        Set rule.
        rule -
        false if rule does not exists
      • getCAConfig

        public cambria.CAConfig getCAConfig()
        Returns used CA space.
      • setNonGraphicItems

        public void setNonGraphicItems()
        Creates a CARule and a CAConfig.
      • getTorus

        public static boolean getTorus(String Torus)
      • setDefault

        public void setDefault()
        Set default parameters
      • getUserModeString

        public String getUserModeString()
      • getDeltaTime

        public int getDeltaTime()
        Returns Delta time
      • setDetltaTime

        public void setDetltaTime(int i)
        Set set delta time
        i -
      • getCellSize

        public int getCellSize()
        Returns the cell size in dot
      • setCellSize

        public void setCellSize(int i)
        Set cell size
        i -
      • getTMax

        public int getTMax()
        Returns used t_max
      • getBatchNumber

        public int getBatchNumber()
        Returns the batch number
      • getRunNumber

        public String getRunNumber()
        Returns the run number
      • getPopulationSize

        public int getPopulationSize()
        Returns the populationSize
      • setPopulationSize

        public void setPopulationSize(int i)
        Set population size
        i -
      • getEliteSize

        public int getEliteSize()
        Returns the populationSize
      • getMutationRate

        public double getMutationRate()
        Returns the mutation rate
      • getCrossoverRate

        public double getCrossoverRate()
        Returns the crossover rate
      • getMaxIter

        public int getMaxIter()
        Returns the maximum generation number for GA evolutions
      • getGoalOfHs

        public double getGoalOfHs()
        Returns the crossover rate
      • convertIntParameter

        public static int convertIntParameter(String string,                                      int defaultValue)
        Converts a String parameter into an integer parameter.
      • convertDoubleParameter

        public static double convertDoubleParameter(String string,                                            double defaultValue)
        Converts a String parameter into a double parameter.

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Class HCellular

  • public class HCellularextends Object
    A two-dimensional cellular automata toolkit.

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