Class HBsom

  • public class HBsomextends Object
    The Bayesian self-organizing map (BSOM). This is a method for estimating a probability distribution generating data points on the basis of a Bayesian stochastic model. It is also regarded as a learning method for a kind of neural network. The black dots in the below figure denote artificially generated data points. Based on work of: Akio Utsugi.

    This class is based on: A. Utsugi (1996) ``Topology selection for self-organizing maps", Network: Computation in Neural Systems, vol. 7, no. 4, 727-740.

    A. Utsugi (1997) ``Hyperparameter selection for self-organizing maps", Neural Computation, vol. 9, no. 3, pp. 623-635.

    • Field Detail

      • bsom

        public Bsom bsom
    • Constructor Detail

      • HBsom

        public HBsom()
        Initialize BSOM.
    • Method Detail

      • setNPoints

        public void setNPoints(int units)
        Set number of points for fit
        units - set number of points for fit.
      • setData

        public void setData(P1D p1d)
        Load data to BSOM
        p1d - input data
      • doc

        public void doc()
        Show documentation
      • setAlphaBeta

        public void setAlphaBeta(double alpha,                double beta)
        Set initial alpha and betai parameters.
        alpha - alpha value
        beta - beta value
      • getResult

        public P1D getResult()
        Get results of training.
        P1D with results.
      • run

        public void run()
        Run the algorithm
      • visible

        public void visible(boolean vis)
        Set frame visible or not
        vis - true if visible
      • setDelta

        public void setDelta(double delta)
        Set calculation precision. Iterations stop if (current(alpha)-previous(alpha) .lt. delta) The value should be very small for best results
        delta - precision
      • getNiterations

        public int getNiterations()
        Get number of iterations used for fitting
      • getAlpha

        public double getAlpha()
        Get alpha
      • getBeta

        public double getBeta()
        Get beta
      • visible

        public void visible()
        Set visible frame

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