Documentation API of the 'jhplot.FNon' Java class

Class FNon

    • Constructor Detail

      • FNon

        public FNon(String title,            int variable,            int parameters)
        title - Title
        variable - Nr of variables
        parameters - Nr of parameters.
      • FNon

        public FNon(String[] variableNames,            String[] parameterNames)
        Initialization where you can redefine the names of the parameters.
        variableNames - variable names
        parameterNames - parameter names.
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public void init(String title)
      • getF1D

        public F1D getF1D(double min,                  double max)
        If dimension is 1, you can return F1D for plotting
        min - Min min value for plotting
        max - Max max value for plotting
        F1D function
      • getF2D

        public F2D getF2D(double minX,                  double maxX,                  double minY,                  double maxY)
        If dimension is 2, you can return F2D for plotting
        min - MinX min X value for plotting
        max - MaxX max X value for plotting
        min - MinY min Y value for plotting
        max - MaxY max Y value for plotting
        F2D function

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