Package javax.measure.unit

Provides support for programatic unit handling.

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Package javax.measure.unit Description

Provides support for programatic unit handling.

Standart/NonStandard Units

Standard units and prefixes are provided by the SI class (Syst\xc3\xa8me International d\'Unit\xc3\xa9s) and about 50 non-standard units are available through the NonSI class.

Usage examples:

    import javax.measure.Scalar;import javax.measure.Measure;import javax.measure.unit.*;import javax.measure.quantity.*;import static javax.measure.unit.SI.*;import static javax.measure.unit.NonSI.*;import static javax.measure.unit.Dimension.*;public class Main {     public void main(String[] args) {         // Conversion between units.        System.out.println(KILO(METRE).getConverterTo(MILE).convert(10));                    // Retrieval of the system unit (identifies the measurement type).            System.out.println(REVOLUTION.divide(MINUTE).getSystemUnit());                // Dimension checking (allows/disallows conversions)            System.out.println(ELECTRON_VOLT.isCompatible(WATT.times(HOUR)));        // Retrieval of the unit dimension (depends upon the current model).        System.out.println(ELECTRON_VOLT.getDimension());    }}> 6.2137119223733395> rad/s> true> [L]\xc2\xb2\xc2\xb7[M]/[T]\xc2\xb2

Unit Parameterization

Units are parameterized (<Q extends Quantity>) to enforce compile-time checks of units/measures consistency, for example:
    Unit<Duration> MINUTE = SECONDS.times(60); // Ok.    Unit<Duration> MINUTE = METRE.times(60); // Compile error.        Unit<Pressure> HECTOPASCAL = HECTO(PASCAL); // Ok.    Unit<Pressure> HECTOPASCAL = HECTO(NEWTON); // Compile error.        Measurable<Duration> duration = Measure.valueOf(2, MINUTE); // Ok.    Measurable<Duration> duration = Measure.valueOf(2, CELSIUS); // Compile error.        long milliseconds = duration.longValue(MILLI(SECOND)); // Ok.    long milliseconds = duration.longValue(POUND); // Compile error.    

UML Diagram

UML Diagram

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