Class AddConverter

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    public final class AddConverterextends UnitConverter

    This class represents a converter adding a constant offset (approximated as a double) to numeric values.

    Instances of this class are immutable.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • AddConverter

        public AddConverter(double offset)
        Creates an add converter with the specified offset.
        offset - the offset value.
        IllegalArgumentException - if offset is zero (or close to zero).
    • Method Detail

      • getOffset

        public double getOffset()
        Returns the offset value for this add converter.
        the offset value.
      • inverse

        public UnitConverter inverse()
        Description copied from class: UnitConverter
        Returns the inverse of this converter. If x is a valid value, then x == inverse().convert(convert(x)) to within the accuracy of computer arithmetic.
        Specified by:
        inverse in class UnitConverter
        the inverse of this converter.
      • convert

        public double convert(double amount)
        Description copied from class: UnitConverter
        Converts a double value.
        Specified by:
        convert in class UnitConverter
        amount - the numeric value to convert.
        the converted numeric value.
      • isLinear

        public boolean isLinear()
        Description copied from class: UnitConverter
        Indicates if this converter is linear. A converter is linear if convert(u + v) == convert(u) + convert(v) and convert(r * u) == r * convert(u). For linear converters the following property always hold:
             y1 = c1.convert(x1);     y2 = c2.convert(x2);  then y1*y2 = c1.concatenate(c2).convert(x1*x2)
        Specified by:
        isLinear in class UnitConverter
        true if this converter is linear; false otherwise.
      • concatenate

        public UnitConverter concatenate(UnitConverter converter)
        Description copied from class: UnitConverter
        Concatenates this converter with another converter. The resulting converter is equivalent to first converting by the specified converter, and then converting by this converter.

        Note: Implementations must ensure that the UnitConverter.IDENTITY instance is returned if the resulting converter is an identity converter.

        concatenate in class UnitConverter
        converter - the other converter.
        the concatenation of this converter with the other converter.

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