Class KlotzTest

  • public class KlotzTestextends StatisticalTest
    The Klotz test. Assuming the scale model (equal medians), this test can be employed to test whether the two distributions selected have equal scale parameter (with the null hypothesis of equality). The Klotz test uses the squares of the weights of the inverse-normal scores of van der Warden Normal Scores test for location. An approximation to the Normal distribution is employed to compute asymptotic p-values.
    • Constructor Detail

      • KlotzTest

        public KlotzTest()
        Default builder
      • KlotzTest

        public KlotzTest(DataTable newData)
        Builder. Load data to test.
        newData - data to test.
    • Method Detail

      • setData

        public void setData(DataTable newData)
        Sets data to test
        newData - data to test.
      • getTestStatistic1

        public double getTestStatistic1()
        Get test statistic associated to the first sample
        normal Statistic of the first sample
      • getTestStatistic2

        public double getTestStatistic2()
        Get test statistic associated to the second sample
        normal Statistic of the second sample
      • getPValue1

        public double getPValue1()
        Get first sample p-value
        first sample p-value
      • getPValue2

        public double getPValue2()
        Get second sample p-value
        second sample p-value
      • printWeights

        public String printWeights()
        Prints the array of weights
        string with the contents of the array

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