Documentation API of the 'javanpst.tests.scale.freund_Ansari_BradleyTest.Freund_Ansari_BradleyTest' Java class

Class Freund_Ansari_BradleyTest

  • public class Freund_Ansari_BradleyTestextends StatisticalTest
    The Freund-Ansari-Bradley test. Assuming the scale model (equal medians), this test can be employed to test whether the two distributions selected have equal scale parameter (with the null hypothesis of equality). The Freund-Ansari-Bradley test ranks elements with the following weights: 1,2,3 ... N/2 ... 3,2,1 for N even 1,2,3 ... (N+1/2) ... 3,2,1 for N odd An approximation to the Normal distribution is employed to compute p-values.

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