Class Java2

  • public class Java2extends Object
    This class contains static methods that use the Java 2 API. They are isolated here to prevent errors when ImageJ is running on Java 1.1 JVMs.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Java2

        public Java2()
    • Method Detail

      • setAntialiased

        public static void setAntialiased(Graphics g,                  boolean antialiased)
      • setAntialiasedText

        public static void setAntialiasedText(Graphics g,                      boolean antialiasedText)
      • setBilinearInterpolation

        public static void setBilinearInterpolation(Graphics g,                            boolean bilinearInterpolation)
      • setSystemLookAndFeel

        public static void setSystemLookAndFeel()
        Sets the Swing look and feel to the system look and feel (Windows only).

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