Class ImageStatistics

    • Field Detail

      • histogram

        public int[] histogram
      • pixelCount

        public int pixelCount
      • longPixelCount

        public long longPixelCount
      • mode

        public int mode
      • dmode

        public double dmode
      • area

        public double area
      • min

        public double min
      • max

        public double max
      • mean

        public double mean
      • median

        public double median
      • stdDev

        public double stdDev
      • skewness

        public double skewness
      • kurtosis

        public double kurtosis
      • xCentroid

        public double xCentroid
      • yCentroid

        public double yCentroid
      • xCenterOfMass

        public double xCenterOfMass
      • yCenterOfMass

        public double yCenterOfMass
      • roiX

        public double roiX
      • roiY

        public double roiY
      • roiWidth

        public double roiWidth
      • roiHeight

        public double roiHeight
      • umean

        public double umean
        Uncalibrated mean
      • major

        public double major
        Length of major axis of fitted ellipse
      • minor

        public double minor
        Length of minor axis of fitted ellipse
      • angle

        public double angle
        Angle in degrees of fitted ellipse
      • histogram16

        public int[] histogram16
        65536 element histogram (16-bit images only)
      • areaFraction

        public double areaFraction
      • xstart

        public int xstart
        Used internally by AnalyzeParticles
      • ystart

        public int ystart
        Used internally by AnalyzeParticles
      • histMin

        public double histMin
      • histMax

        public double histMax
      • histYMax

        public int histYMax
      • maxCount

        public int maxCount
      • nBins

        public int nBins
      • binSize

        public double binSize
    • Constructor Detail

      • ImageStatistics

        public ImageStatistics()

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