Documentation API of the 'ij.process.DownsizeTable' Java class

Class DownsizeTable

  • public class DownsizeTableextends Object
    A table for easier downsizing by convolution with a kernel. Supports the interpolation methods of ImageProcessor: none, bilinear, bicubic Convention used: The left edges of the first pixel are the same for source and destination. E.g. when downsizing by a factor of 2, pixel 0 of the destination takes the space of pixels 0 and 1 of the source. Example for use: Downsizing row 0 of 'pixels' from 'roi.width' to 'destinationWidth'. The input range is given by the roi rectangle. Output is written to row 0 of 'pixels2' (width: 'destinationWidth') DownSizeTable dt = new DownSizeTable(width, roi.x, roi.width, destinationWidth, ImageProcessor.BICUBIC); int tablePointer = 0; for (int srcPoint=dt.srcStart, srcPoint<=dt.srcEnd; srcPoint++) { float v = pixels[srcPoint]; for (int i=0; i

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