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Class AVI_Reader

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    public class AVI_Readerextends VirtualStackimplements PlugIn
     ImageJ Plugin for reading an AVI file into an image stack  (one slice per video frame)   Version 2008-07-03 by Michael Schmid, based on a plugin by  Daniel Marsh and Wayne Rasband Restrictions and Notes:      - Only few formats supported:          - uncompressed 8 bit with palette (=LUT)          - uncompressed 8 & 16 bit grayscale          - uncompressed 24 & 32 bit RGB (alpha channel ignored)          - uncompressed 32 bit AYUV (alpha channel ignored)          - various YUV 4:2:2 compressed formats          - png or jpeg-encoded individual frames.            Note that most MJPG (motion-JPEG) formats are not read correctly.      - Does not read avi formats with more than one frame per chunk      - Palette changes during the video not supported      - Out-of-sequence frames (sequence given by index) not supported      - Different frame sizes in one file (rcFrame) not supported      - Conversion of (A)YUV formats to grayscale is non-standard:        All 255 levels are kept as in the input (i.e. the full dynamic        range of data from a frame grabber is preserved).        For standard behavior, use "Brightness&Contrast", Press "Set",        enter "Min." 16, "Max." 235, and press "Apply". Version History:   2008-07-03      - Support for 16bit AVIs coded by MIL (Matrox Imaging Library)   2008-06-08      - Support for png and jpeg/mjpg encoded files added      - Retrieves animation speed from image frame rate      - Exception handling without multiple error messages   2008-04-29      - Support for several other formats added, especially some YUV        (also named YCbCr) formats      - Uneven chunk sizes fixed      - Negative biHeight fixed        - Audio or second video stream don't cause a problem      - Can read part of a file (specify start & end frame numbers)      - Can convert YUV and RGB to grayscale (does not convert 8-bit with palette)      - Can flip vertically      - Can create a virtual stack      - Added slice label: time of the frame in the movie      - Added a public method 'getStack' that does not create an image window      - More compact code, especially for reading the header (rewritten)      - In the code, bitmapinfo items have their canonical names The AVI format looks like this: RIFF                     RIFF HEADER |-AVI                    AVI CHUNK     |LIST hdrl             MAIN AVI HEADER   | |-avih               AVI HEADER   | |LIST strl           STREAM LIST(s) (One per stream)   | | |-strh             STREAM HEADER (Required after above; fourcc type is 'vids' for video stream)   | | |-strf             STREAM FORMAT (for video: BitMapInfo; may also contain palette)   | | |-strd             OPTIONAL -- STREAM DATA (ignored in this plugin)   | | |-strn             OPTIONAL -- STREAM NAME (ignored in this plugin)   |LIST movi             MOVIE DATA   | | [rec]              RECORD DATA (one record per frame for interleaved video; optional, unsupported in this plugin)   | |  |-dataSubchunks   RAW DATA: '??wb' for audio, '??db' and '??dc' for uncompressed and   |                      compressed video, respectively. "??" denotes stream number, usually "00" or "01"   |-idx1                 AVI INDEX (required by some programs, ignored in this plugin) 

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