Class RoiEncoder

  • public class RoiEncoderextends Object
    Saves an ROI to a file or stream. has a description of the file format.
    See Also:
    RoiDecoder, RoiReader
    • Constructor Detail

      • RoiEncoder

        public RoiEncoder(String path)
        Creates an RoiEncoder using the specified path.
      • RoiEncoder

        public RoiEncoder(OutputStream f)
        Creates an RoiEncoder using the specified OutputStream.
    • Method Detail

      • write

        public void write(ij.gui.Roi roi)           throws IOException
        Save the Roi to the file of stream.
      • saveAsByteArray

        public static byte[] saveAsByteArray(ij.gui.Roi roi)
        Saves the specified ROI as a byte array.

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