Class ImportDialog

  • public class ImportDialogextends Object
    This is a dialog box used to imports raw 8, 16, 24 and 32-bit images.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ImportDialog

        public ImportDialog(String fileName,            String directory)
      • ImportDialog

        public ImportDialog()
    • Method Detail

      • openImage

        public void openImage()
        Displays the dialog and opens the specified image or images. Does nothing if the dialog is canceled.
      • getFileInfo

        public FileInfo getFileInfo()
        Displays the dialog and returns a FileInfo object that can be used to open the image. Returns null if the dialog is canceled. The fileName and directory fields are null if the no argument constructor was used.
      • savePreferences

        public static void savePreferences(Properties prefs)
        Called once when ImageJ quits.
      • getLastFileInfo

        public static FileInfo getLastFileInfo()
        Returns the FileInfo object used to import the last raw image, or null if a raw image has not been imported.

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