Class FileOpener

  • public class FileOpenerextends Object
    Opens or reverts an image specified by a FileInfo object. Images can be loaded from either a file (directory+fileName) or a URL (url+fileName). Here is an example:
       public class FileInfo_Test implements PlugIn {     public void run(String arg) {       FileInfo fi = new FileInfo();       fi.width = 256;       fi.height = 254;       fi.offset = 768;       fi.fileName = "blobs.tif"; = "/Users/wayne/Desktop/";       new FileOpener(fi).open();     }     }     
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileOpener

        public FileOpener(FileInfo fi)
    • Method Detail

      • open

        public void open()
        Opens the image and displays it.
      • open

        public ImagePlus open(boolean show)
        Opens the image. Displays it if 'show' is true. Returns an ImagePlus object if successful.
      • revertToSaved

        public void revertToSaved(ImagePlus imp)
        Restores original disk or network version of image.
      • createColorModel

        public ColorModel createColorModel(FileInfo fi)
        Returns an IndexColorModel for the image specified by this FileInfo.
      • setShowConflictMessage

        public static void setShowConflictMessage(boolean b)

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