Class WindowManager

  • public class WindowManagerextends Object
    This class consists of static methods used to manage ImageJ's windows.
    • Field Detail

      • checkForDuplicateName

        public static boolean checkForDuplicateName
    • Method Detail

      • setCurrentWindow

        public static void setCurrentWindow(ij.gui.ImageWindow win)
        Makes the image contained in the specified window the active image.
      • getCurrentWindow

        public static ij.gui.ImageWindow getCurrentWindow()
        Returns the active ImageWindow.
      • getCurrentImage

        public static ImagePlus getCurrentImage()
        Returns a reference to the active image or null if there isn't one.
      • setTempCurrentImage

        public static void setTempCurrentImage(ImagePlus img)
        Makes the specified image temporarily the active image for this thread. Call again with a null argument to revert to the previous active image.
      • setTempCurrentImage

        public static void setTempCurrentImage(Thread thread,                       ImagePlus img)
        Sets a temporary image for the specified thread.
      • getWindowCount

        public static int getWindowCount()
        Returns the number of open image windows.
      • getImageCount

        public static int getImageCount()
        Returns the number of open images.
      • getFrontWindow

        public static Frame getFrontWindow()
        Returns the front most window or null.
      • getIDList

        public static int[] getIDList()
        Returns a list of the IDs of open images. Returns null if no windows are open.
      • getNonImageWindows

        public static Frame[] getNonImageWindows()
        Returns an array containing a list of the non-image windows.
      • getImage

        public static ImagePlus getImage(int imageID)
        For IDs less than zero, returns the ImagePlus with the specified ID. Returns null if no open window has a matching ID or no images are open. For IDs greater than zero, returns the Nth ImagePlus. Returns null if the ID is zero.
      • getNthImageID

        public static int getNthImageID(int n)
        Returns the ID of the Nth open image. Returns zero if n<=0 or n greater than the number of open image windows.
      • getImage

        public static ImagePlus getImage(String title)
        Returns the first image that has the specified title or null if it is not found.
      • addWindow

        public static void addWindow(Frame win)
        Adds the specified window to the Window menu.
      • getUniqueName

        public static String getUniqueName(String name)
        Returns a unique name by adding, before the extension, -1, -2, etc. as needed.
      • makeUniqueName

        public static String makeUniqueName(String name)
        If 'name' is not unique, adds -1, -2, etc. as needed to make it unique.
      • removeWindow

        public static void removeWindow(Frame win)
        Removes the specified window from the Window menu.
      • setWindow

        public static void setWindow(Frame win)
        The specified frame becomes the front window, the one returnd by getFrontWindow().
      • closeAllWindows

        public static boolean closeAllWindows()
        Closes all windows. Stops and returns false if an image or Editor "save changes" dialog is canceled.
      • putBehind

        public static void putBehind()
        Activates the next image window on the window list.
      • getTempCurrentImage

        public static ImagePlus getTempCurrentImage()
        Returns the temporary current image for this thread, or null.
      • getFrame

        public static Frame getFrame(String title)
        Returns the frame with the specified title or null if a frame with that title is not found.
      • repaintImageWindows

        public static void repaintImageWindows()
        Repaints all open image windows.
      • toFront

        public static void toFront(Frame frame)

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