Class CompositeImage

    • Constructor Detail

      • CompositeImage

        public CompositeImage(ImagePlus imp)
      • CompositeImage

        public CompositeImage(ImagePlus imp,              int mode)
    • Method Detail

      • updateChannelAndDraw

        public void updateChannelAndDraw()
        Description copied from class: ImagePlus
        Updates this image from the pixel data in its associated ImageProcessor, then displays it. The CompositeImage class overrides this method to only update the current channel.
        updateChannelAndDraw in class ImagePlus
      • updateAllChannelsAndDraw

        public void updateAllChannelsAndDraw()
      • getChannelProcessor

        public ImageProcessor getChannelProcessor()
        Description copied from class: ImagePlus
        Returns a reference to the current ImageProcessor. The CompositeImage class overrides this method so it returns the processor associated with the current channel.
        getChannelProcessor in class ImagePlus
      • resetDisplayRanges

        public void resetDisplayRanges()
      • updateAndDraw

        public void updateAndDraw()
        Description copied from class: ImagePlus
        Updates this image from the pixel data in its associated ImageProcessor, then displays it. Does nothing if there is no window associated with this image (i.e. show() has not been called).
        updateAndDraw in class ImagePlus
      • updateImage

        public void updateImage()
        Description copied from class: ImagePlus
        ImageCanvas.paint() calls this method when the ImageProcessor has generated new image.
        updateImage in class ImagePlus
      • createLutFromColor

        public LUT createLutFromColor(Color color)
      • getChannelColor

        public Color getChannelColor()
      • getActiveChannels

        public boolean[] getActiveChannels()
      • setMode

        public void setMode(int mode)
      • getMode

        public int getMode()
      • getModeAsString

        public String getModeAsString()
      • getChannelLut

        public LUT getChannelLut(int channel)
      • getChannelLut

        public LUT getChannelLut()
      • setLuts

        public void setLuts(LUT[] luts)
      • copyLuts

        public void copyLuts(ImagePlus imp)
        Copies the LUTs and display mode of 'imp' to this image. Does nothing if 'imp' is not a CompositeImage or 'imp' and this image do not have the same number of channels.
      • reset

        public void reset()
      • setChannelLut

        public void setChannelLut(LUT table)
      • setChannelLut

        public void setChannelLut(LUT table,                 int channel)
      • setChannelColorModel

        public void setChannelColorModel(IndexColorModel cm)
      • setDisplayRange

        public void setDisplayRange(double min,                   double max)
        Description copied from class: ImagePlus
        Sets the display range of the current channel. With non-composite images it is identical to ip.setMinAndMax(min, max).
        setDisplayRange in class ImagePlus
      • hasCustomLuts

        public boolean hasCustomLuts()
      • setChannelsUpdated

        public void setChannelsUpdated()

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