Class MountPoint

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IDevManagedObject, IManagedObject, AIDAListener, Connectable

    public class MountPointextends Folderimplements AIDAListener
    A mount point allows one tree to be "mounted" in another. Mount point extends Folder so that it appears as just another folder to the tree, but it overrides all of Folders methods and forwards them to the mountPoint within the mounted tree.
    • Method Detail

      • type

        public String type()
        Description copied from interface: IManagedObject
        Get the type of an IManagedObject. The same string as the ITree::listObjectTypes() returns.
        Specified by:
        type in interface IManagedObject
        type in class Folder
        The type of the IManagedObject.
      • getTree

        public Tree getTree()

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