Package hep.aida.ref

Reference implementation of AIDA (see documentation).

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Package hep.aida.ref Description

Reference implementation of AIDA (see documentation).

This package contains a simple reference implementation of the AIDA histograminterfaces. The gaol of the reference implementation is to provide a simple,easy-to-understand implementation rather than the most efficient or mostfunctional implementation.

The reference implementations are of the hep.aida interfaces, but can be used with the adapter classes in hep.aida.flat.adapter to provide a reference implementation of the original hep.aida.flat interfaces as well.

The package contains a very incomplete test class, called Test. The entire implementation and the Test class can be downloaded in a single jar file. Once downloaded the jar file can be run using:

java -jar aidaref.jar

It will produce 4 xml files that can be read with Java Analysis Studio and should look something like this:


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