Class AbstractBinner1D

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractBinner1D

        public AbstractBinner1D(int bins)
        Creates a new instance of OneDBinner.
      • AbstractBinner1D

        public AbstractBinner1D(Binner1D binner)
    • Method Detail

      • initBinner

        public void initBinner(Binner1D binner)
      • setBinCenter

        public void setBinCenter(int bin,                double x)
        This method sets new center of the bin and initializes other bin data
      • binCenter

        public double binCenter(int bin)
        Description copied from interface: Binner1D
        This method can be used to improve accuracy of the bin RMB and MEAN calculations. During the fill running sums are calculated with respect to the bin center: sum( (x - binCenter)*W ), sum( (x - binCenter)*(x - binCenter)*W ) Default bin center is 0
        Specified by:
        binCenter in interface Binner1D
      • clear

        public void clear()
        Specified by:
        clear in interface Binner1D
      • bins

        public int bins()
        Specified by:
        bins in interface Binner1D
      • fill

        public void fill(int bin,        double x,        double weight)
        Specified by:
        fill in interface Binner1D
      • entries

        public int entries(int bin)
        Specified by:
        entries in interface Binner1D
      • height

        public double height(int bin)
        Specified by:
        height in interface Binner1D
      • mean

        public double mean(int bin)
        Specified by:
        mean in interface Binner1D
      • rms

        public double rms(int bin)
        Specified by:
        rms in interface Binner1D
      • scale

        public void scale(double scaleFactor)
        Specified by:
        scale in interface Binner1D
      • sumWW

        public double sumWW(int bin)
        Specified by:
        sumWW in interface Binner1D
      • sumXW

        public double sumXW(int bin)
        Specified by:
        sumXW in interface Binner1D
      • sumXXW

        public double sumXXW(int bin)
        Specified by:
        sumXXW in interface Binner1D
      • setBinContent

        public void setBinContent(int bin,                 double binCenter,                 int entries,                 double height,                 double plusError,                 double minusError,                 double sWW,                 double sXW,                 double sXXW)
        Specified by:
        setBinContent in interface Binner1D

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