Class Histogram

    • Constructor Detail

      • Histogram

        public Histogram(String name,         String title,         int dimension,         String options)
        Create a new Histogram.
        name - The name of the Histogram as a ManagedObject.
        title - The title of the Histogram.
        dimension - The dimension of the Histogram.
      • Histogram

        public Histogram()
    • Method Detail

      • entries

        public int entries()
        Get the entries that are within the range of the Histogram; i.e. all the entries (the number of times the fill method was called) minus the entries in the overflow or underflow bins.
        Specified by:
        entries in interface IBaseHistogram
        Specified by:
        entries in class AbstractBaseHistogram
        The in-range entries.
      • allEntries

        public int allEntries()
        Get all the entries in the Histogram, i.e. the number of times the method fill was called.
        Specified by:
        allEntries in interface IHistogram
        All the entries in the Histogram.
      • extraEntries

        public abstract int extraEntries()
        Get the number of entries in the underflow and overflow bins.
        Specified by:
        extraEntries in interface IHistogram
        The number of entries outside the range of the Histogram.
      • equivalentBinEntries

        public double equivalentBinEntries()
        Get the number of equivalent entries; i.e. SUM[ weight ] ^ 2 / SUM[ weight^2 ].
        Specified by:
        equivalentBinEntries in interface IHistogram
        The equivalent bin entries.
      • sumBinHeights

        public double sumBinHeights()
        Get the sum of the bin heights for in-range entries.
        Specified by:
        sumBinHeights in interface IHistogram
        The sum of the bin heights.
      • sumAllBinHeights

        public abstract double sumAllBinHeights()
        Get the sum of the bin heights for all the entries, in-range and out-range ones.
        Specified by:
        sumAllBinHeights in interface IHistogram
        The sum of all the bin's heights.
      • sumExtraBinHeights

        public abstract double sumExtraBinHeights()
        Get the sum of the bin heights for all the entries outside the Histogram's range.
        Specified by:
        sumExtraBinHeights in interface IHistogram
        The sum of the out of range bin's heights.
      • minBinHeight

        public abstract double minBinHeight()
        Get the minimum height of in-range bins in the Histogram.
        Specified by:
        minBinHeight in interface IHistogram
        The minimum bin height for in range bins.
      • maxBinHeight

        public abstract double maxBinHeight()
        Get the maximum height of in-range bins in the Histogram.
        Specified by:
        maxBinHeight in interface IHistogram
        The maximum bin height for in range bins.
      • scale

        public abstract void scale(double scaleFactor)
        Scale the weights and the errors by a given factor.
        Specified by:
        scale in interface IHistogram
        scaleFactor - The scale factor.
      • setNEntries

        public void setNEntries(int entries)
        Developer area. All the non-AIDA methods are down here.
      • setValidEntries

        public void setValidEntries(int entries)
      • nanEntries

        public int nanEntries()
        Description copied from class: AbstractBaseHistogram
        Number of entries whose coordinate or weight is NaN. Such entries are counted as allEntries but don't contribute to the statistics.
        Specified by:
        nanEntries in interface IBaseHistogram
        Specified by:
        nanEntries in class AbstractBaseHistogram
        The number of entries whose value or weight is NaN.
      • isMeanAndRmsSet

        public boolean isMeanAndRmsSet()

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