Class Cloud

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      • sumOfWeights

        public abstract double sumOfWeights()
        Get the sum of weights of of all the entries
        Specified by:
        sumOfWeights in interface ICloud
        The sum of the weights of all the entries.
      • convertToHistogram

        public abstract void convertToHistogram()
        Convert the ICloud to an IHistogram using the default number of bins.
        Specified by:
        convertToHistogram in interface ICloud
      • isConverted

        public abstract boolean isConverted()
        Check if the ICloud has been converted to an IHistogram.
        Specified by:
        isConverted in interface ICloud
        true if it has been converted.
      • scale

        public abstract void scale(double scaleFactor)
        Scale the weights by a given factor.
        Specified by:
        scale in interface ICloud
        scaleFactor - The scale factor.
      • maxEntries

        public int maxEntries()
        Get the maximum number of entries after which the Cloud will convert to an Histogram.
        Specified by:
        maxEntries in interface ICloud
        The maximum number of entries.
      • getOptions

        public String getOptions()
        Get the options with which the Cloud was created.
        The String of options.
      • initCloud

        public void initCloud(int maxEntries,             String options)
      • nanEntries

        public int nanEntries()
        Description copied from class: AbstractBaseHistogram
        Number of entries whose coordinate or weight is NaN. Such entries are counted as allEntries but don't contribute to the statistics.
        Specified by:
        nanEntries in interface IBaseHistogram
        Specified by:
        nanEntries in class AbstractBaseHistogram
        The number of entries whose value or weight is NaN.

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