Class AbstractBaseHistogram

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractBaseHistogram

        public AbstractBaseHistogram(String name,                     String title,                     int dimension)
        Creates a new instance of BaseHistogram.
        name - The name of the BaseHistogram. See ManagedObject for details.
        title - The title of the BaseHistogram.
        dimension - The dimension of the BaseHistogram.
      • AbstractBaseHistogram

        public AbstractBaseHistogram()
      • AbstractBaseHistogram

        public AbstractBaseHistogram(String name,                     String title,                     int dimension,                     String options)
    • Method Detail

      • mapBinNumber

        public int mapBinNumber(int index,               IAxis axis)
        Utility method to map the bin number from the external representation (from -2 to nBins-1 where -2 is the overflow and -1 is the underflow) to the internal one (from 0 to nBins+1 where 0 is the underflow and nBins+1 if the overflow bin)
        index - The bin number in the external representation.
        axis - The axis to which the bin belongs to.
        The bin number in the internal representation.
      • title

        public String title()
        Get the histogram title.
        Specified by:
        title in interface IBaseHistogram
        the Histogram title.
      • setTitle

        public void setTitle(String title)
        Set the histogram title.
        Specified by:
        setTitle in interface IBaseHistogram
        title - The title.
      • setAnnotation

        public void setAnnotation(IAnnotation annotation)
      • dimension

        public int dimension()
        Get the dimension of the histogram.
        Specified by:
        dimension in interface IBaseHistogram
        The Histogram's dimension.
      • reset

        public void reset()
        Reset the histogram; as if just created.
        Specified by:
        reset in interface IBaseHistogram
      • entries

        public abstract int entries()
        Number of in-range entries in the histogram.
        Specified by:
        entries in interface IBaseHistogram
        The number of in-range entries.
      • nanEntries

        public abstract int nanEntries()
        Number of entries whose coordinate or weight is NaN. Such entries are counted as allEntries but don't contribute to the statistics.
        Specified by:
        nanEntries in interface IBaseHistogram
        The number of entries whose value or weight is NaN.

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