Class ManagedObject

    • Constructor Detail

      • ManagedObject

        public ManagedObject(String name)
        Creates a new instance of ManagedObject.
        name - The name of the ManagedObject as it will appear in the Tree.
    • Method Detail

      • setFillable

        public void setFillable(boolean fillable)
        If ManagedObject is fillable, it can modified. othervisw throws ReadOnlyException.
      • isFillable

        public boolean isFillable()
      • name

        public String name()
        Get the name of this ManagedObject. Names can only be changed using the
        Specified by:
        name in interface IManagedObject
        The name of the ManagedObject.
      • setName

        public void setName(String name)
        Set the name of this ManagedObject.
        Specified by:
        setName in interface IDevManagedObject
        name - The new name of the ManagedObject.
      • type

        public String type()
        Description copied from interface: IManagedObject
        Get the type of an IManagedObject. The same string as the ITree::listObjectTypes() returns.
        Specified by:
        type in interface IManagedObject
        The type of the IManagedObject.
      • typeForClass

        public static String typeForClass(Class c)

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