Interface IDevTree

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    IAddable, ITree
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    public interface IDevTreeextends ITree, IAddable
    An interface to a Tree that allows adding nodes.
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      • add

        void add(String path,       IManagedObject object)         throws IllegalArgumentException
        Add IManagedObject to the directory. If some folders in the path don't exist, can create new folders in the tree. Does not overwrite Objects, if IManagedObject already exists - do nothing and just return with, maybe, a warning.
        Specified by:
        add in interface IAddable
        path - The path of the diretory in which the object has to be added.
        object - The IManagedObject to be added.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the path is not a directory.
      • hasBeenFilled

        void hasBeenFilled(String path)                   throws IllegalArgumentException
        Is called by the Store to let Tree know that a particular folder has been filled. "path" is path to a folder, cannot point to an Object. IDevTree relies on this method for its internal book-keeping, so Store MUST call "hasBeenFilled" after it fills a particular folder.
        Specified by:
        hasBeenFilled in interface IAddable
        path - The path of the diretory which has been filled by the Store.
        IllegalArgumentException - If the path does not exist, or if it is not a directory.
      • setLock

        void setLock(Object lock)

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