Interface ITextStyle

    • Method Detail

      • availableFonts

        String[] availableFonts()
        Get list of fonts available in this implementation.
      • fontSize

        double fontSize()
        Get current font size.
      • setFontSize

        boolean setFontSize(double size)
        Set current font size.
        false if size not supported by this implementation.
      • font

        String font()
        Get name of current font.
      • setFont

        boolean setFont(String font)
        Set current font, e.g. "timesNewRoman" or "courier".
        false if font not supported by this implementation.
      • isBold

        boolean isBold()
      • isItalic

        boolean isItalic()
      • isUnderlined

        boolean isUnderlined()
      • setBold

        boolean setBold()
      • setBold

        boolean setBold(boolean bold)
      • setItalic

        boolean setItalic()
      • setItalic

        boolean setItalic(boolean italic)
      • setUnderlined

        boolean setUnderlined()
      • setUnderlined

        boolean setUnderlined(boolean underlined)

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