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Interface IPlotterRegion

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    public interface IPlotterRegion
    User level interface to a plotter region. A region is managed by a plotter. A region must be seen as a scene manager handling a custome "plotting" scene. In general this kind of scene may be in 2D or 3D. In 2D, the scene have "coarse graining parts" like two axis, data representations within the axis. It may have various other parts like a grid, a title, an info area. In 3D, the scene have in general three axis, a different global layout, some data representations within the axis area and also scene parts like title, grid, etc... To customize all these, some "style" interfaces had been introduced. In general there is one style interface per "scene part" ; then IAxisStyle, IDataStyle, ITitleStyle. Oftenly a "scene part" contains text, line, fill area, etc.... For example an "axis" have a line, ticks, text for tick labels, text for the label of the axis, the magnitude, etc... A "coarse graining scene part" style contains various accessor to "atomic" styles like IMarkerStyle, ILineStyle, IFillStyle that permits to build a "customization block" to modify a scene part. A global style "block", the IPlotterStyle, could be retreived from a plotting region. This global style block have accessors to the various "coarse graining scene parts" of the plotting scene. Through it, we hope to offer a lot of customization in a convenient way... The keywords "scene" and "part" had been borrowed from the OpenInventor terminology.

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