Interface IModelFunction

    • Method Detail

      • providesNormalization

        boolean providesNormalization()
      • normalize

        void normalize(boolean on)
        Normalize by internally adjusting some of the parameters. When normalization is on then integral of the function in the normalization range equals to 1.
      • isNormalized

        boolean isNormalized()
        Return true if normalization is currently switched on.
      • parameterGradient

        double[] parameterGradient(double[] x)
        Compute gradient with respect to parameters.
      • providesParameterGradient

        boolean providesParameterGradient()
        Return true if provides parameter gradient.
      • normalizationRange

        IRangeSet normalizationRange(int iAxis)
        Set the normalization range from -inf to +inf in the i-th axis (dimension). Full range is the default if not set otherwise. It is still possible to evaluate function outside of the normalization range. PENDING: no methods to retrieve current range!
      • includeNormalizationAll

        void includeNormalizationAll()
        Set full range in all axes.
      • excludeNormalizationAll

        void excludeNormalizationAll()
        Set empty range in all axes.

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