Interface IFunction

    • Method Detail

      • title

        String title()
        Get the Function's title.
        The Function's title.
      • value

        double value(double[] x)
        Scalar value of the function.
      • dimension

        int dimension()
        Dimensionality of the domain space.
      • isEqual

        boolean isEqual(IFunction f)
        Compare if functions are the same. PENDING: define exactly what it means ;)
      • gradient

        double[] gradient(double[] x)
        Gradient of the function. The result is valid only if providesGradient()==true. Otherwise the result is some default (empty) vector.
      • providesGradient

        boolean providesGradient()
        Determine whether function is able to compute gradient.
      • variableName

        String variableName(int i)
        Get the symbolic name of i-th variable.
      • variableNames

        String[] variableNames()
        Get all the names in a vector.
      • parameters

        double[] parameters()
        Retrieve current vector of parameters.
      • numberOfParameters

        int numberOfParameters()
        Number of parameters.
      • parameterNames

        String[] parameterNames()
        Names of paramaters. Names should be unique. Case-insensitive for comparison. Case-sensitive for storage and output. All or several names may be left blank "" if the implementation does not want to provide them.
      • setParameter

        void setParameter(String name,                double x)                  throws IllegalArgumentException
        Set parameter's value by name.
        name - The name of the parameter.
        x - The new value of the parameter.
        IllegalArgumentException - If name does not correspond to a parameter.
      • parameter

        double parameter(String name)
      • indexOfParameter

        int indexOfParameter(String name)
        Return -1 if parameter not found (name undefined). Leave it because there are use cases - some users prefer to use numbers.
      • codeletString

        String codeletString()
        String describing the metatype and implementation of the function. Generic format of the string: codelet:TYPE:LOCATION TYPE part contains only a 'typename' string which is a metatype identifier (used in plugins and catalogues) LOCATION may be: 'file', 'verbatim', or 'catalogue' Detailed description: codelet:typename - no location specified (using 'catalogue') codelet:typename:file:/filename.cpp - a c++ source file codelet:typename:file:/filename.py - a python source file codelet:typename:file:/filename.so - a shared library codelet:typename:catalogue - entry in a catalogue repository codelet:typename:verbatim:cpp \n - c++ source file included verbatim after \n codelet:typename:verbatim:py \n - python source file included verbatim aftern \n Comments: file:/filename is a relative path to $AIDA_FUNCTION_DEFAULT_DIR file://filename is an absolute path Examples: codelet:G:catalogue codelet:userSinus:verbatim:cpp \n { return sin(x); }
      • normalizationParameter

        String normalizationParameter()
        Returns the name of the normalization parameter if the function has one.
        The name of the normalization parameter.null if no such parameter is available

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