Interface IDataStyle

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    public interface IDataStyleextends IBaseStyle
    Style for the part of the scene representing the data (then histograms, functions, data point sets).
    • Method Detail

      • lineStyle

        ILineStyle lineStyle()
        Return various styles that may be used to customize the data representation.
      • setLineStyle

        boolean setLineStyle(ILineStyle lineStyle)
        Set various basic style on the data style.
      • setMarkerStyle

        boolean setMarkerStyle(IMarkerStyle markerStyle)
      • setFillStyle

        boolean setFillStyle(IFillStyle fillStyle)
      • setErrorBarStyle

        boolean setErrorBarStyle(ILineStyle errorBarStyle)
      • setOutlineStyle

        boolean setOutlineStyle(ILineStyle outlineStyle)
      • setModel

        boolean setModel(String model)
        Set the model accorting to which the data is represented.
      • showInStatisticsBox

        void showInStatisticsBox(boolean showInStatisticsBox)
        Set if this data is to be represented in the statistics box.
      • isShownInStatisticsBox

        boolean isShownInStatisticsBox()
      • showInLegendBox

        void showInLegendBox(boolean showInLegendBox)
        Set if this data is to be represented in the legend box.
      • isShownInLegendBox

        boolean isShownInLegendBox()

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