Interface IAxisStyle

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    public interface IAxisStyleextends IBaseStyle
    Style for the part of the scene representing an axis.
    • Method Detail

      • lineStyle

        ILineStyle lineStyle()
        Get various basic style on the axis style.
      • setLineStyle

        boolean setLineStyle(ILineStyle lineStyle)
        Set various basic style on the axis style.
      • setTickLabelStyle

        boolean setTickLabelStyle(ITextStyle tickLabelStyle)
      • setLabelStyle

        boolean setLabelStyle(ITextStyle labelStyle)
      • setlineStyle

        boolean setlineStyle(ILineStyle lineStyle)
      • setLabel

        boolean setLabel(String label)
        Set the axis label.
      • label

        String label()
        Get the axis label. return The axis label.
      • setScaling

        boolean setScaling(String scaling)
        Set the axis scaling (at least "log" and "linear").
      • scaling

        String scaling()
        Get the axis scaling. return The axis scaling.

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