Documentation API of the 'edu.rit.numeric.NonNegativeLeastSquares' Java class

Class NonNegativeLeastSquares

  • public class NonNegativeLeastSquaresextends Object
    Class NonNegativeLeastSquares provides a method for solving a least squares minimization problem with nonnegativity constraints. The solve() method finds an approximate solution to the linear system of equations Ax = b, such that ||Ax - b||2 is minimized, and such that x >= 0. The inputs to and outputs from the solve() method are stored in the fields of an instance of class NonNegativeLeastSquares.

    The Java code is a translation of the Fortran subroutine NNLS from Charles L. Lawson and Richard J. Hanson, Solving Least Squares Problems (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 1995), page 161.

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