Documentation API of the 'edu.rit.numeric.NonLinearLeastSquares' Java class

Class NonLinearLeastSquares

  • public class NonLinearLeastSquaresextends Object
    Class NonLinearLeastSquares provides a method for minimizing the sum of the squares of a series of nonlinear functions. There are M functions, each of which has N inputs. These functions are represented by an object that implements interface VectorFunction. The solve() method finds a vector x such that Σi [fi(x)]2 is minimized. The inputs to and outputs from the solve() method are stored in the fields of an instance of class NonLinearLeastSquares. The Levenberg-Marquardt method is used to find the solution.

    The Java code is a translation of the Fortran subroutine LMDER from the MINPACK library. MINPACK was developed by Jorge Moré, Burt Garbow, and Ken Hillstrom at Argonne National Laboratory. For further information, see

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