Class Boundary<C extends RingElem<C> & Rational>

  • Type Parameters:
    C - coefficient type.
    All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class Boundary<C extends RingElem<C> & Rational>extends Objectimplements Serializable
    Boundary determined by a rectangle and a polynomial. For a given complex polynomial A a closed path throught the corners of the given rectangle is constructed. The path is represented by four polynomials, one for each side of the rectangle. For a real t in [0,1] the i-th polynomial describes the path of A from corner[i] to corner[i+1]. In particular polys[i](0) = A(corner[i]) and polys[i](1) = A(corner[i+1]), with corner[4] = corner[0]. If A would be zero on a point of the path, an InvalidBoundaryException is thrown.
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