Class TimeStatus

  • public class TimeStatusextends Object
    Run-time status, defines global status and handling for run time limits.
    • Method Detail

      • isActive

        public static boolean isActive()
        true, if run-time interruption is active, else false.
      • setActive

        public static void setActive()
        setAllow, set run-time interruption to allowed status.
      • setNotActive

        public static void setNotActive()
        setNotActive, set run-time interruption to not active status.
      • setLimit

        public static void setLimit(long t)
        setLimit, set run-time limit in milliseconds.
      • restart

        public static void restart()
        Restart timer, set run-time to current time.
      • setCallBack

        public static void setCallBack(Callable<Boolean> cb)
        set call back, set the Callabe object.
      • checkTime

        public static void checkTime(String msg)
        Check for exceeded time, test if time has exceeded and throw an exception if so.
        msg - the message to be send with the exception.

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