Class ComputerThreads

  • public class ComputerThreadsextends Object
    ComputerThreads, provides global thread / executor service.
    • Field Detail

      • N_CPUS

        public static final int N_CPUS
        Number of processors.
      • N_THREADS

        public static final int N_THREADS
    • Method Detail

      • isRunning

        public static boolean isRunning()
        Test if a pool is running.
        true if a thread pool has been started or is running, else false.
      • getPool

        public static ExecutorService getPool()
        Get the thread pool.
        pool ExecutorService.
      • terminate

        public static void terminate()
        Stop execution.
      • setNoThreads

        public static void setNoThreads()
        Set no thread usage.
      • setThreads

        public static void setThreads()
        Set thread usage.

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