Groebner bases package.

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Package Description

Groebner bases package.

This package contains classes for polynomial and solvable polynomial reduction, Groebner bases and ideal arithmetic as well as thread parallel and distributed versions of Buchbergers algorithm, e.g. ReductionSeq, GroebnerBaseAbstract, GroebnerBaseSeq, GroebnerBaseParallel and GroebnerBaseDistributed. Moreover there are Groebner bases in polynomial rings over principal ideal domains and Euclidean domains, so called D- and E-Groebner bases, see DGroebnerBaseSeq and EGroebnerBaseSeq. The latest additions include free non-commutative polynomial reduction, S-polynomials and two-sided Groebner bases, see WordReductionSeq and WordGroebnerBaseSeq.

Heinz Kredel

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